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About CosFit

1.Origin of CosFit

In recent times, cosplay produced locally in Japan is known for their superior quality, but are expensive to purchase. Whereas, cosplay manufactured in China is relatively inexpensive, but lacking in quality.

The result is a situation where customers are unable to buy Japanese-produced products because they tend to be out of reach due to their high price tags.  Then we have second-rate products produced overseas and their unreliable delivery times, making them similarly unattractive.

To solve this problem, CosFit set up its own factory overseas (Vietnam) and is supervised by our resident Japanese apparel designer, who has over 10 years of experience working for a major clothing manufacturer. With this formula, we are able to produce top quality, made-to-order costumes for cosplay at relatively low cost.

Our professional designer is also capable of helping customers create their own idol costume or original outfit.

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.

2.Our Methodology

At CosFit, we don’t cut any corners even when producing just a single costume.

Like how real garments are made, we create a pattern and a mock-up (Test garment made with muslin fabric) in order to consistently produce high quality costumes.

□Production Process

①Line Sheet Creation →②Pattern→③Mock-up (Test garment made with muslin fabric) →④Revision →⑤Fabric Cutting→⑥Sewing →⑦ Completion・Final Inspection →⑧ Packaging & Shipping

Line Sheet Creation


Mock-up (Test garment made with muslin fabric)

Fabric Cutting





Akira (あきら)

Designer / Client Services Manager
(Over 12+ years of cosplay experience)

Hi everyone, this is Akira from CosFit. I am also an active cosplayer. I design costumes based on your illustrations and photographs. We can even produce elaborately designed costumes. If you have an idea for a costume, feel free to contact me!

Ume (うめ)

Director of Costume Production
(Over 15+ years of cosplay experience)

My name is Ume and I am in charge of overseeing costume production for CosFit. I make sure the quality and accuracy of the costumes that we produce meet your expectations.


Factory Manager / Support
(Cosplay event organizer for 10+ years )

I travel back and forth between Japan and Vietnam. My responsibilities include managing the day-to-day operations of our factory. I do my best to ensure we produce top quality products for each and every customer.

3.Our Staff

The CosFit Difference

Price , Quality , On Time

These are the key words that describe how CosFit stands above other costume producers offering the same service.

Since the type and quality of materials used by other costume producers vary, we cannot make direct product comparisons with our competitors. However, we can show you this chart to give you an idea where CosFit makes a difference.

Cos Fit

Price: 78,000 JPY

Time: 1 month

Quality: Superior

Producer A

Price: 258,000 JPY

Time: 2 weeks approx.

Quality: Standard


Price: 128,000 JPY

Time: 2 month

​Quality: Mediocre

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