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(Free of Charge)

Before filling out the Order Form or contacting us by LINE, please take a moment to read the Disclaimer below. When we receive your completed Order Form, we will reply back with our price quotation and an assessment of your request. Be sure to clearly explain specific details that you would like us to pay particular attention, so your request can be appropriately evaluated.

2.Order and Payment

To submit an order, please inform us of your decision to proceed with your order within one week of receiving your quotation and complete your payment. We accept payment by local bank transfer and credit card (5% service charge).

3.Measurements and Production

After payment has been confirmed, production of your costume will begin. Please be sure to provide us with all details of your request before placing your order, as changes or alterations to your costume will not be possible once production begins.


【Limited Time Only】​
*Twitter discount” campaign*

All items are shipped via EMS or OCS (ANA). Flat rate shipping fee of 3,000 JPY to any location within Japan.

1.Price Quotation

□Important points regarding Price Quotations
・Please provide detailed documentation, photos, and illustrations that clearly explain your desired costume design

・Include details showing how your desired costume will look from the front, side, and back
・If you would like us to use specific types of materials or if you have a preferred level of quality you would like us to aim for, please include this information in your documentation, so that your quotation will accurately reflect your request.
・We also suggest that you share with us your budget for the costume (eg. 30,000 JPY for Full Costume Set, 10,000 JPY for this particular part, etc.)

□You can send us your inquiry using one of the two methods indicated below.


Use LINE to contact us! It’s quick and simple. We will typically provide a response in 2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). If you add CosFit to your Friend’s List, we can respond to your inquiries and send quotations to you using LINE.


2.Inquiry Form

Use our Inquiry Form to provide us with details of your request. We will respond to all inquiries within 2 to 14 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

2.Order ・Payment


In addition to confirming the details of your quotation and the estimated date of delivery, please contact us by LINE or e-mail.


1. Orders from Individual Customers

・Accepted forms of payment include local bank transfer or credit card (5% service charge) . Production will begin after confirmation of payment.

2. Orders from Corporate Customers

・Payment in advance by local bank transfer to designated account (Customer is responsible for bank transfer and withdrawal fees).

・Payment by PayPal is also accepted.

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Important points about ordering

※Please be sure to read

​The Order Form can be found at the bottom of the page

Please read carefully!

Getting the correct measurements are very important when it comes to made-to-order clothing. As we will tailor the fitting of our costumes based on the measurements provided, incorrect measurements may result in a costume that could be too small or too large, so take care to ensure the correct measurements are provided.

​We will do our best to faithfully recreate costumes based on the source materials provided, however, we do have limitations. Although we have had questions in particular related to the coloring of our costumes, we ask that you allow us to decide what is appropriate based on our own criteria.

Fabric will be the primary material used to recreate any distinct parts. Despite being made in fabric, we will do our best to ensure all parts have a consistent level of quality with the rest of the costume. Also, parts created with fabric tend to be easier to carry due to its lighter weight.

Even if your costume requires the creation of unique parts, please consult with us. Items that require a higher level of craftsmanship can be produced by our partner factory.

​Orders that have entered production cannot be cancelled. Therefore, any request for a refund will not be accepted.

​We are not responsible for delays in delivery, damage, or loss caused by the shipping company. Please allow sufficient time when placing your order.

A request for a refund due to wrinkles, small imperfections, or stains will not be accepted.

​Fabrics available in Vietnam are different from fabrics available in Japan. Fabrics may have small stains or imperfections.

​Customers with specific requirements are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible when requesting for a quotation. Once production on an order begins, any request for changes will not be accepted.

Terms of Service

Please read carefully!

Article #1 (General Policy)

1. The Terms of Service herein set out the terms and conditions regarding the service of offering made-to-order costumes (referred to hereafter as the “Service”) provided by CosFit (referred to hereafter as the “Store”). Users of our service (referred to hereafter as the “Customer”) are required to understand and agree to the following Terms of Service in order to use the services of the Store.


Article #2 (Disclaimer)
1. The Store is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained by the Customer or a 3rd party as a result of using the Service, and cannot be held liable for any claims for compensation following such injury or damage.

2. The Store is not responsible for delays or non-delivery of goods, nor is it liable for any compensation, due to a revision or repeal of laws and regulations, acts of god, traffic accidents, seizure by governmental authorities, transportation accidents, or other causes beyond of the Store’s control.

3. The Store is not responsible for any disagreements between the Customer and any 3rd parties.

Article #3 (Product Specifications)
1. Customers with specific preferences will provide the Store with instructions (eg. size, type of fabric, parts, reference images, etc.) to follow. If the Customer does not provide the Store with any instructions, the Store will use its own judgment to determine the best method of production.  2. Although the Store will do its best to follow the instructions provided by the Customer, it is difficult to produce results that are exactly as requested. Also, depending on the factory’s capability and availability of materials, it may not be possible to produce an item that meets the Customer’s expectations perfectly. The Customer must agree to accept these risks upon placing an order.


Article #4 (Cancellations)

1. After payment is confirmed, the Customer’s order becomes official. From this point forward, should the Customer decide to cancel the order, any request for a refund will not be accepted.

Article #5 (Production)
1. A request for a sample can be provided at additional cost.

2. While a costume is in production, any request for a photo of the costume’s progress or a request to check the fabrics will not be accepted.

Article #6 (Pricing)

1.  Even after payment, additional costs may be incurred due to a Customer’s request to change specifications, change of quantity, or the adding of additional work. These costs will be charged separately.

Article #7 (Returning an Item)

1. Returns will only be accepted for the following reasons.
・Highly visible flaws or stains caused during production
・Wrong costume delivered to the customer

2. As the Store operates as a made-to-order service, returns will not be accepted for any reason besides those mentioned above.  Unacceptable reasons include differences between the final product and reference images, dissatisfaction with the product, non-matching colors, or incorrect size (measurements are based on information provided by the Customer).

Article #8 (Policy Changes)

1. The Store may change its policies if necessary and without prior notification.


Article #9 (Applicable Laws)

1. Policies, as well as contracts between the Customer and the Store, will be governed by laws applicable to the country of Japan.

3. Body Measurements

□Please refer to the graphic below for taking your measurements


4.Delivery・Shipping Fee

*Limited Time “Twitter discount” campaign*

To celebrate the opening of CosFit, we are offering a 3,000 JPY discount on shipping fees for all custom orders when you tag us on Twitter!
※This special offer only applies to orders over 30,000 JPY

□About Shipping

・Cost to ship one package anywhere within Japan is 3,000 JPY.  Items that are oversized or delicate may need to be shipped and packaged separately from other items. In the case of multiple packages, the shipping fee for each package will be 3,000 JPY.

・Orders are shipped from Vietnam and require at least 4 days for delivery. When making an order, please allow sufficient time for product delivery. Orders will be shipped using OCS (via ANA), EMS (Express Mail Service), or other equivalent shipping service.
・CosFit is not responsible for shipping delays while packages are in transit to its destination.

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List of Acceptable Items for Commission

If the type of item you wish to commission is not shown below, please contact us and provide a description of your request.

Accepted Items

​Small accessories with simple shapes





Boot covers (for footwear underneath)

Hats & Caps

​Patterned Cloth (Digital Pattern Creation and Fabric Printing)

​Large Weapons and Armor (produced by our partner factory)

Consultation Required

Large Accessories

Costumes that require coloring (eg. non-uniform patterns or images)

​Footwear (Boot covers can be used in most cases)

Knitted clothing

​Costumes using woven fabric (eg. sweater, socks, etc.)

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