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We produce made-to-order costumes for cosplay or party events starting from 10,000 JPY


Superior quality and popular with renowned Cosplayers!

Examples of Our Costumes

Our product

These pictures are examples of costumes produced by CosFit.  We are widely used and trusted by well-known cosplayers. We can produce costumes using only illustrations for reference. We also accept requests to recreate small details to some degree. Please consult with us for more details.

◇Eiri’s Comment

I ordered this costume of Saber Lily from Fate/Grand Order. The fit was perfect and felt quite lavish. I was really happy with the fluffy look of the skirt. Thank you!


Reception of Our Costumes

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4 Benefits of CosFit

Point #1

Reduced cost of production due to having a directly-managed factory in Vietnam and extensive experience with made-to-order apparel.

Point #2

Production is supervised by our Japanese staff to ensure we consistently deliver high quality products.

Point #3

Factory production allows us to quickly deliver orders to customers in a short period of time. Large volume orders are also possible.

Point #4

Our costume designers can help you create original outfits for various occasions, such as idol stage performances and Halloween events.

About CosFit

◯ I am looking for a top quality costume at a relatively low cost
◯ I want to create a costume for an idol unit
◯ I need an original costume for Halloween​
◯ I have trouble finding a vendor that makes hats and shoes
◯ I want a costume to wear to a live concert
◯ I don’t know where to go for an order-made costume
◯ I would like a free price quotation

As a store that specializes in customer-tailored costume commissions, CosFit is able of respond to various requests such as those mentioned above.

We can offer high quality costumes at affordable prices as our costume designers, who have experience working with many well-known Japanese costume brands, directly supervise our production overseas.

Some customers may feel uneasy dealing with an overseas cosplay supplier. However, since our staff responsible for communicating with our customers are Japanese and are highly knowledgeable about cosplay offered by our Japan head office, our customers have never experienced language issues or problems contacting us.

Cosplay Production and Cosplayer Casting
Packages offered at reasonable prices!

Cosplayer Models for Event Promotion

Packages including cast management of cosplayer models!
Cosplayer Model Management

Our company operates under “PRECOS LLC”, an agency that has over 10 years experience in the cosplay business.

We are well connected with many distinguished cosplayers.

Also, we offer a one-stop solution providing costume production, model selection, and cast management in a single package.

Details such as custom sizing of costumes are included.

For costume requests suitable for large conventions such as Tokyo Game Show, Comic Market, as well as international trade shows, we invite you to consult with us directly and we can arrange solutions that meet your specific requirements and budget.

By also including our distinct advantage of directly operating our own production factory, CosFit is your ideal all-in-one cosplay service provider when compared to many other cosplay suppliers.

We warmly look forward to hearing from you!

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